Bi Fold Doors

Perfect Home with PCVu and Aluminum Doors

Bi-folding doors glide open to seamlessly join inside and outside space.

The Benefits Of PVCu Bi-Fold Doors
It’s not just about beauty. The PVCu bi-fold doors utilise industry leading technology that gives you – and your home – the absolute cutting edge in looks, weathering, and security. Our bi-fold doors are the full package – excellence both inside and out.

  • Shootbolt locking for all doors and 3 hook locking to master door
  • A Rated energy efficient performance
  • Double and triple glazed options
  • Choose from 2 to 6 door panels
  • All manufactured hardware achieves Secure By Design

High Performing, Energy Efficient Modern designs for modern times

The absolute latest in purpose design using high performing materials.
Whether it’s a drizzly winter’s evening or a July heatwave, the bi-fold doors will keep you comfortable, while saving money on your energy bills. Every inch of the door, from the frame through to the glass pane, is designed to maximise efficiency, and ensure that your home lets in natural light, without letting heat escape.
Our aluminium bi-fold doors combine the very best materials with high performing double and triple glazed glass units for the complete energy efficient solution.


Bi Fold Doors Brochure